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If You’re Looking for Exercise at Your Desk Equipment, Read This Trekdesk Treadmill Desk Review!

More than jogging, the doctor suggests doing the walking. The reason is jogging has more impact on the joints. Depending on each person’s weight and health condition, jogging has to be done with care. So most people prefer to walk all the time. Yes, to walk we need some space and be done in parks, tracks, and in the gym. Walking is very difficult to do in the office and at home. If you can’t go out for a walk and want to try it at the office and home, most people prefer a treadmill. But if you are a busy person and wanted to do work and exercise at the same time. Then this Trekdesk treadmill desk is a better option. Yes now I am going to review the “Trekdesk Treadmill Desk”.

Trekdesk treadmill


Trekdesk treadmill desk made up with a quality robust steel. Its strong base does not shake the desk while working on it. Thus the lifespan treadmill desk lasts for many years. The frame is of a premium powder-coated steel which will last for a long period. The support arms are of robust metal which gives more weight and support to the walking treadmill desk. Since the made of the treadmill desk is of good quality steel which gives more stability and durability to the product. Yet another interesting feature is that this desk treadmill can be foldable when not in use. Despite being foldable, it is extremely sturdy when attached.

Trekdesk treadmill desk designed to make people fit while doing work. The goal is not to compromise on productivity while doing work. Same time not to have hindrance while walking and working. People do work in the office and sometimes the work is being carried to home to complete it. Thereby not getting time to do physical exercise alone. So by working on a Walking and standing desk treadmill, helps to relax people’s minds and bodies.

How does the Trekdesk treadmill desk work?

Many people get confused with the “Trekdesk treadmill desk” that comes along with the treadmill. I am sorry to disappoint you, friends. It is only a desk with lots of features and never comes along with the treadmill. Yes, the name of the product may be misleading to some people. But when you read in the product description, it is mentioned clearly.

Trekdesk treadmill desk is designed with the purpose to make people fit and healthy with no compromising on the productivity of the work. The desk is attachable to any model or type of treadmill you have. It is easy to use and are foldable after use. In short, this stand up desk with treadmill means do exercise while you work. The desk is perfectly designed to have easy access to control the treadmill without any hindrance to the work. There are lots of accessories holders available on the Trekdesk treadmill desk. You can reach the other accessories on the desk without any difficulty.

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How do you position and control the Trekdesk treadmill desk?

You have to be in the correct position when you work on the Trekdesk treadmill desk. If your poster is wrong it may lead to neck pain and you cannot use a Trekdesk treadmill desk for a long period of time. With the adjustable legs, the height of the standing desk treadmill can be adjusted accordingly. Thereby no stress to your neck or your body and has very less impact yours joint. After working on a desk treadmill you feel your body has become light. You are happy that you have done exercise along with work. You start enjoying your life and positive vibration will remain throughout life.

While working on a standing desk treadmill, we can control the real treadmill. It is the best treadmill desk that not only helps us to work without any hindrances but also allows us to access treadmill desk accessories. You can multitask like working and walking on the stand-up desk with a treadmill at the same time. While doing a walk treadmill desk, you can easily access the treadmill desk accessories without changing your body position.

How beneficial is your health when working on a Trekdesk treadmill?

Studies show by exercising on the Trekdesk treadmill helps to increase blood flow to the brain. Thereby improving your memory by as much as 15 % in a period of 6 months. Doing a Trekdesk treadmill helps to burn calories in your body. It also increases your physical and mental strength. You can feel the energy flow throughout your body and make you active throughout the day. Your whole body’s blood flow improves which makes you feel fresh and young. It also improves your sleeping pattern and reduces stress. Stress is the root cause of all diseases. So by beating stress, you can lead a happy and carefree life.

What are the facilities available on the Trekdesk treadmill desk?

Unlike regular desks you find in the market, this desk for the treadmill is different. It has got lots of accessories so that you can keep your belongings and working materials above the desk. Let’s check why it is different from a regular desk?

  • Spacious enough to keep your laptop, keyboards, and mouse.
  • Having a Manuscript holder helps to keep books and magazines in an upright position.
  • There is a top stand, to keep your intercom telephone, mobile phones, and headsets in order.
  • A file folder is available at three levels. Easy organizing of various files in one place.
  • An accessory slot to keep all accessories that you carry to the office.
  • Two cups or utility holders to keep your coffee cups.
  • Trekdesk treadmill desk easily foldable after use.


  • Trekdesk treadmill has a large desk. Its size measures 72 inches long and 34 inches wide.
  • The total size of the TrekDesk treadmill desk is 36 x 36 x 14 inches.
  • Trekdesk treadmill desk weighs around 57 pounds.
  • The height of the walk treadmill desk from the floor to the desktop is between 46.5 inches to 56.5 inches. Yes, it can be adjustable according to the height required.
  • Trekdesk treadmill desks also have two height-adjustable support legs that are 49 inches apart.
  • Two cups or utility holders can be adjustable between 6 feet – 4 inches and 5 feet – 4 inches tall.
  • Trekdesk treadmill desk has a warranty period of two years.


  • The Trekdesk treadmill desk is compatible with most of the treadmill.
  • The make of the Trekdesk is strong which does not shake while doing work cum exercise.
  • Trekdesk treadmill desk made of quality robust steel which does not rust and has a good work-life.
  • The spacious desk helps to keep all your accessories along with the electronic devices.
  • It has a video tutorial that helps to assemble the treadmill desk.
  • Work while you exercise is possible in the Trekdesk treadmill desk.
  • The Trekdesk treadmill desk is foldable. Thereby saves the space.


  • Though they sell the only desk with additional features to hold various accessories, a Trekdesk treadmill desk is a bit overpriced.
  • The hole on the Trekdesk treadmill desk is not predrilled for assembling.
  • The Trekdesk treadmill desk has a huge space. Sometimes it is quite difficult to reach out to the control panel of the treadmill.

Trekdesk Treadmill


Physical exercise is essential in life. Without physician exercise, you can’t lead a healthy and stress-free life. If you don’t have even an hour daily in your busy schedule and can’t do exercise in the office, at home or gym. Then I will recommend you to buy the “Trekdesk treadmill desk”. Trekdesk is attachable to any treadmill that is usable in the office and at home. All the best friends, keep doing physical exercise and improve the quality of your life.


  1. What is the weight capacity of Trekdesk?

    Trekdesk can hold up to the weight of 55 pounds.

  2. Can I use Trekdesk with any model of the treadmill?

    Yes, you can use Trekdesk with any model of the treadmill you have. It is designed in such a way where most of the treadmill fit this desk.

  3. How do I know if it will fit my treadmill?

    Trekdesk fits almost all the treadmill. But if you have a doubt, you can write to the company email address [email protected] By sending details of your treadmill personally.

  4. Is Trekdesk treadmill desk only a table or come along with a treadmill?

    People may get confused with the name of the product. Trekdesk’s treadmill desk is only a desk and not the Treadmill. You can either buy a new treadmill or it can be attachable to your existing treadmill.

  5. How many inches off the floor can we set up the laptop?

    The height from floor to desktop is adjustable from 46.5 to 56.5 inches.

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